The show cases illustrate the most important features of crazr with additional informationen to show the differences betwenn crazr and other common systems.

The basics

What is crazr – explained in six screens.

The profiling process

Profiling is the important feature of crazr. Based on a standard profil we offer partners the possibility of so called “brand profiles”. A brand profile is connected to a specific brand, e.g. Starbucks with specific questions and additional information about the user.

The coin-ology of crazr

Rewarding users with more than just badges is the important difference between crazr and any other system on the market. With crazr people can make money and have fun doing things the like. It´s the get-it-on faktor of crazr.

The internet-in-one-place

With crazr all you need is crazr. Crazr offers integration of all major social plattforms, including facebook, twitter, foursquare and blog engines like wordpress or blogger, above that a highly sophisticated blog engine, with e-commerce integration and multiple ways to moneytize your activities.

The mobility of crazr

With the mobil version you can do mostly the things you do with the online-version and more specific mobile functions